My menopause story

Things started really changing when I turned 50. The rush of fluctuating hormones somehow caught me by surprise and did all sorts of new things to my body and mind that I hadn’t seen coming. 

What I call my “second puberty” suddenly threw everything into disarray. The stiff joints, bad sleep and headaches were challenging, but the anxiety attacks I started having for the first time in my life and didn’t recognise as such took a good while and a lot of work to learn to manage and slowly make disappear. 

Being a person of a generally positive mindset, I took a look at it all and thought to myself: How can you make this a positive experience? It’s an incredibly transformative time and I wanted to move through it with intention and awareness.

So I stepped back for a while from as much as I could and spent a lot of time on my own, reading as much as possible about menopause, learning tools to manage the anxiety, reflecting, meditating, staring at trees, dancing like no one was looking (and they weren’t;)), and walking in the forest next to my flat. 

And I started taking a number of supplements each day to shore up bone density and make sure my system is working well as well as looking into all the hormone replacement options available. 

I’m now back to feeling like myself again and I’m much more emotionally, physically and cognitively stable than I was a couple of years ago. I’m full of energy and drive and am fascinated by how this phase in life can be both challenging and transformational.

(Oh, and I dyed my hair pink and blue and got my first ever tattoo. Yay for not giving a damn what other people think anymore:)).

So how about joining me in an collaborative exploration of how you can move through this transitional life phase with intention and awareness? I’d love to hear from you personally, or you can sign up for my newsletter if you’re not ready to make that decision yet.

And who am I exactly?

I am…

Susan Ring…