Menopause mentor

Susan Ring

What’s your menopause story? 

Are you preparing for the big M? What changes have you made in your life recently? Are you in the middle of it all and a bit lost as to how to manage everything?

Women sharing their menopause stories and supporting each other with empathy and knowledge are a powerful force. Whatever you’re experiencing right now, you can be sure that many others are experiencing it too. 

But here’s the good news: it’s not all bad.

Did you know that many women start something completely new in mid-life? And that we stop caring as much about what other people think? And that we often learn how to centre ourselves more in our lives instead of always focussing on others? And that we can actually end up happier people if we approach this transformative phase with intention and awareness? And that we are powerful? And colourful, and awesome!

As you can see, I’m quite enthusiastic about women in mid-life. With good reason. I'm Susan Ring and

Here's my menopause story

Menopause meet-ups

  • 5-week package
  • Weekly 1.5-hour sessions via Zoom
  • Maximum group size: 6
  • Collaborative sharing of stories
  • Movement-based practices
  • Professional facilitation


Menopause Meet-ups are weekly online sessions where we will collaborate in a small group to share our experiences and jointly put together a menopause toolkit to move through this transitional phase of life with resilience and awareness.

I’ve learned through years of training in various aspects of psychology, sociology and embodiment methods, as well as participating in support groups myself, that sharing stories and being educated and aware about what is happening are the most empowering and reassuring ways for women to find our midlife power and strength. 

Each meet-up package runs for five weeks, with each weekly session lasting 1.5 hours. I facilitate a Zoom discussion around a specific menopause-related theme, and we practice resilience-building cognitive, emotional and embodiment-based tools to use in our daily lives.

You could even get a few friends together and form your own group under my facilitation.

Here’s what participants have said about the experience:  

Susan creates a friendly atmosphere where I’ve felt more and more comfortable over the weeks. She gives tools to help us navigate this period and she knows how to engage each member of the group, especially by drawing on our strengths. This is a great experience and I trust that it will be very useful in weeks and months to come.

Elisabeth F.

The Menopause Mentor group was a very rewarding experience. It was unlike anything I have done before, and I felt very comfortable in a safe, non-judgy environment, even with a group of people I hadn’t known before. I’d strongly recommend this for anyone going through menopause who wants the support of other women and under Susan’s empathic guidance.

Geraldine K.

Susan’s group has helped me learn more about what I am experiencing at this phase of life, and to deal with the questions and anxiety surrounding it. She provides a structure where women can share knowledge and their personal experiences, as well as support each other. I’ve learned a lot of valuable and practical exercises in how to manage the symptoms and emotions I’m experiencing, and it is very empowering.

Jennifer K.

Right from the beginning Susan made me feel at ease. With a variety of exercises and tasks she keeps everyone engaged as well as excited. In the safe space that Susan created I enjoy the depth of the conversation. I learn a lot by listening to what others share, and get many impulses to question my own thought and belief systems.

Ashema W.

All sessions can be held in either English or German.

If you would like to be less alone with this transitional life phase, please contact me for more details or a free 20-minute call.

Or if you’re not ready for that yet, feel free to sign up for my newsletter with tips and tools around how to move through this life phase with intention and awareness.

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Menopause mentoring one-on-ones

  • 5-week package
  • Weekly 1-hour sessions via Zoom
  • Individual sessions

  • Share your story
  • Movement-based practices
  • Professional support


As a menopause facilitator, I offer personalised one-on-one sessions to help you navigate this transitional phase of life. 

Menopause is a unique experience for every woman, and my goal is to provide guidance and support tailored to your particular needs and experiences.

During the sessions, you’ll have the opportunity to discuss your symptoms, ask questions, and develop a plan of action for managing menopause in a way that feels right for you. 

I provide a safe, collaborative and confidential space for you to share openly about your experiences and concerns, offering empathetic support, practical advice and tools for staying emotionally, cognitively and physically fit throughout this transformative life phase and beyond.

Together, we’ll develop a personalised toolkit for managing your symptoms and prioritising your well-being during this transition. 

All sessions can be held in either English or German.

Book a free 20-minute call with me so we can get to know each other and see if we’re a good fit.

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Workplace facilitation

  • 5-week package
  • Weekly 1.5-hour sessions via Zoom
  • Maximum group size: 4-6
  • Collaborative sharing of stories
  • Movement-based practices
  • Professional facilitation


Do you belong to a company or other organisation that would like to support women going through their mid-life transition? That would like to take care of the health and well-being of all of its employees?

With some support from their employer and the people around them, women can be empowered to move through this phase in life with intention and confidence. 

That’s where I come in.

I offer online menopause workplace packages to help women in your organisation move through this challenging and transformational life phase with intention and confidence. 

As the group facilitator, I will help them collaborate in putting together a menopause toolkit that will support them in staying emotionally, cognitively and physically balanced throughout this phase in life and beyond.

Each package consists of five 1.5-hour sessions for small groups of no more than six participants, with an option to continue for longer should the women participating so desire. 

All sessions can be held in either English or German.

Sessions can also be held with individual employees, tailored to the needs of that particular person.

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How do I talk to my doctor about menopause?


At the best of times, it can be difficult to talk to doctors about what’s going on with us. And during menopause it can become almost impossible. Here’s how you can prepare for a discussion of your menopausal symptoms with your health care provider: Track your symptoms at least a month in advance, and don’t …
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Observing and accepting according to Eckhart Tolle


I discovered Eckhart Tolle on YouTube a couple of years ago when I was in the throes of anxiety attacks and menopausal overwhelm. In very simple language, Tolle emphasises the power of the present moment, and explains very clearly how to observe and accept what is without resisting. I’ve found his talks and meditations incredibly …
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Self-care tips and tricks


  • Breathe in for a count of four, out for a count of six.
  • Repeat ten times.
  • That’s it.
  • This exercise will calm your nervous system down and put it into a different state, allowing your mind to move on and your body to regulate itself.
  • Practice it regularly, for example when you are out alone for a walk or when you’re awake at night

I do this exercise every day. It helps to calm anxiety, rage or irritability and to help with insomnia.


  • Many women in midlife discover a love of nature we never realised we had. 
  • Leave your headphones at home and find a park or forest or any patch of green near where you live.
  • Practice walking there with all your senses open. 
  • That means looking, listening, smelling, noticing, even touching what’s around you. When your mind wanders, don’t worry, just bring your senses back to your surroundings.

This practice will calm your mind and give you a true break from all the noise of life.

All self-care tips and tricks


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